• Jay Atkinson posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I need to share this…

    Some weird sh** happened in the night (and it’s still only 5.20am!)

    Went to bed last night (22nd) after watching a couple of things that took me back to childhood (one was Call the Midwife, a fabulous series set in the late 50s and early 60s, and it really upset me as it was about domestic violence and it brought up horrible memories) and the other thing was a new thriller called Apple Tree Yard… shoulda known better…

    Went to sleep ok around 11pm, then woke up at 12.30 (is it am or pm after midnight? never sure) and needed to pee so went to the bathroom and then decided upon a cup of tea. Got the laptop as I couldn’t get back to sleep and had a quick mooch around my new website in the making, then did a very lovely meditation by Jason Stephenson about setting intentions. It was really powerful and very lovely. As I settled down to sleep, I switched the laptop off and slid it to the side of me as I didn’t want to wake up again to put it on the floor! Yeah, I know.. the floor is only inches away but what the heck…

    Not long after, I was rudely awakened by the downstairs front door slamming and I lay there thinking Kim must have got up to go to work as he is on the early shift and gets up at 4am to go to his 6am shift. Then I heard loud music and thought he was in his car with the radio on, tuning up prior to leaving. As I tried to settle again, I felt and heard loud scratching on the bed frame at the side of me and I thought, ‘Oh bugger. Twinkle must have snook up when I went downstairs, so I called out to her to stop it and just get on the bed… the cat climbed over my shoulder and I knew it was Saffy instead of Twinkle, as Twink just jumps up but Saff takes a while being older! Then I felt her settle on my feet and start paddy-pawing as she settled down. After a while I dropped off…

    I was woken again by music, and as I lay there, I could hear a radio on downstairs with something like the Saturday football like our dads used to listen to (we older ones of course)…

    Then I heard sounds downstairs but I drifted off back to sleep only to be awoken again by someone digging me in the ribs under the arm, as if tickling me but it wasn’t funny. I shouted, ‘GERROFF!’ and woke up again with my side tingling.

    Radio sounds again and this time I was putting the bloody light on and going downstairs… Kim was sitting on the sofa having tea and toast prior to going to work and was surprised to see me… he said he’d only been up for about 10 minutes…

    Made coffee and toast and came back to bed, went to switch the lamp on (I’m sleeping with the bloody light on) and it exploded in my face! I noticed that the other lights – pink heart fairy lights that I have draped around the window, were plugged in and the plug switched on, but the lights were not lit… nor had they been prior to the other little lamp exploding! I then went to switch my electric blanket on, and it wouldn’t work either, despite being plugged in. Thankfully Kim was still in the house so I asked him to see if the switch had tripped… and it had, although he main light in the bedroom was working…but then it gets weirder.

    Got into bed – FINALLY – and switched the laptop on to see if it was ok and it was. It hadn’t been plugged into the socket circuit as I’d had it on the bed, unplugged… but somehow it had defaulted to another time setting and when I looked at the time it had set itself to, it was January 1st 2001 !!!!! WTF? I took screen shots just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. Not only that, but the computer wouldn’t let me put the time in, and I had to keep going into the password system to reset it… the password for this laptop is SOURCE888… so I had to keep going back to Source!

    I was seriously spooked by now. Something very weird happened with Time last night/today…

    I’m now sitting up with a strong cup of coffee, I look like a bloody Podling, and I’m knackered. Do you suppose there’s any chance of me sleeping?

    Oh, and just as an aside, I went to check to see if there had been any earthquake or other activity on the planet and found that a 7.9 quake had hit the Solomon Islands at 4.30am on 22nd… so what’s weird about that?

    Solomon was the name I was given for the energy/Source I channeled prior to being upgraded to The Mother… and interestingly, now I am saying that, there were two grandmother ladies in my bed, and one of them was tickling me to wake me up. What was the conversation about? Bloody Solomon – KING SOLOMON and his wisdom. I was telling them that my favourite bible story was about Solomon and the baby… WTF AGAIN???

    Any feelings or thoughts?

    Love, J xxx

    • Ummm Jay… what planet are you on??? def sounds weird 🙂 my life is very uneventful in comparison… lots of love to you Cindy, ps you had enough marbles to check in… thats a good thing 🙂

    • Hi Jay. When you mentioned your favorite bible story was about King Solomon and the baby I was struck by the connection to a January 20th post on Cosmic Consciousness. Stephanie was referencing the possibilities for change and transformation associated with the inauguration of the new American president and the potential for reunification:
      “It’s safe to say that nothing will be the same after this administration. It’s also safe to say that this can go one of three ways: Not so good, really good, and the most desirable of all, reunification.
      If those three options don’t appear to belong together at first glance, look again. The Mercury Pluto new cycle in one week’s time brings the resurrection of the Christed Mind to humanity. This comes one day after the Aquarius New Moon that heralds the Year of the Fire Rooster. (It’s time to wake up to the burning world).
      At the higher level, the new consciousness is being fully awakened in each and every soul, and those of us who have worked on our Selves to be ready for this moment are the first to reap the benefits of reclaiming the cosmic Self.
      It’s best not to put too much focus on the drama that is playing out in the physical. It’s going to get messy. A good rule to live by would be to live in the knowledge that the messier the better in the end. Polarization is like that. The two sides of this dualistic realm we have created have to come completely apart before we can realize the way to reunification.”
      And the response from Padma: (with autocorrect at work)
      “I’m reminded of the story of King Solomon and the baby. Two women come to him with one baby. Each claims to be the mother. The King then orders the baby to be cut in half so that each woman may have a part of him. The babies’ true mother cries out, “No! Please don’t hurt my baby! Give him to her”. The other woman says, “Cut the baby in half and neither of us shall have him. King Solomon orders that the baby should not be harmed but given to the woman that wished to keep him whole, unharmed and alive at her own sacrifice. The King knew that she had the heart of a true mother. There doesn’t have to be a big ripping apart mess if I can live in the heart of the true Mother now! Live in the reunification now! The more I deeply situate my energy, light, love in that space the less need for separation and destruction is necessary for me to witness. I only experience that which I Am. I’d like to add that the only thing that the true Mother had to sacrifice to be REUNIFIED with her baby was her FEAR OF SEPARATION from him.”
      Seems you are connected to the same message of unification/wholing.
      Love, Adrienne

      • Thank you both Jay and Adrienne for sharing!
        I have my own version of that going on, too. I had visions and glimpses of how it feels to run on the new grid, to feel the connectedness with everyone who operates from the new grid and how the knowing is instantanious (similar to the unity consciousness of the Bien described in the bee book, everyone who is part of the ‘hive’ is able to access the big picture at any given moment). So for example instead of using devices to access the internet and connect with everyone here, the NEW felt like ‘I am the vessel/device’ and that my own body intelligence allows me to access the higher mind of the collective.
        So this feeling that at one point I have to switch to trusting my internal communication system so completely has been present for a while now because I know that this is from where I access, participate in, create the new world.
        Then yesterday my iphone crashed and I can’t turn it on again. It’s quite old and actually suprising that it survived that long, nevertheless it was THE tool for me to connect with the world from my little cave (or should I say honey comb :-)) so this means quite a change for me, and I cannot replace it with a new one atm. Besides that I don’t think that this is the point because I think the main reason why this happend is to release my fear of separation. Like this part from the Solomon message “the only thing that the true Mother had to sacrifice to be REUNIFIED with her baby was her FEAR OF SEPARATION from him”.
        I immediately was thrown into exactly this fear of separation so I have to greet the situation and see it as a blessing to let go of that fear, allowing for something better to enter my life (oh please let it be the new christ mind operating system!!!).
        Love to all! <3

      • Wow great words there Adrienne. xx

    • AWESOME! Jay, it sounds very much like you had a “visitation” and in powerful visitations, timelines shift, our human made electrical systems go haywire, messages come in, etc. With these visitations, powerful downloads are also common – ones that are transmitted in ways different than other downloads we are used to receiving. You mentioned Solomon in your experience. Have you read “Song of Songs” from the Hebrew bible? It is attributed to King Solomon (sometimes called Songs of Solomon) and is a love story – theologically between ourselves and God, in interpersonal terms, it is a description of Beloved Partnership – something that is coming into our field of consciousness to be made manifest on this plane. The love that existed between Jesus and Mary Magdalene for example.

      Those are my thoughts. <3

    • Wow! That’s wild!

    • Holy moly Jay!!!!! Quite the experiences you are having!!! Sending energetic support if you need it. I looked at Apple Tree Yard and felt sort of spooked by it, so decided not to watch it. From your comment am glad I didn’t. LOVE to YOU!