• Yonatan Katz posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hey all. I just had a vision, that I want to share. I can’t write about it without a feeling of reverence.. Usually when I have these kinds of visions (of which I didn’t have for a very long time till now) I know some big things are up. And they usually involve me or me and other people which are not recognizable. This one though involved us, the TWYH group 🙂 . so here goes!

    We were all sitting in a circle, a big one, and the picture was showing us in a few different places, of which I remember, outer space above the earth, inside the sun, and the last place was the Himalayas. There the picture stopped, and we were sitting in a circle in the Himalaya mountains around a fire. Then I saw that out of the fire appeared a big crystal (a bipyramid) that floated above the fire. Above the circle were floating Mahavatar Babaji, on the other side was Mother Mary, and on her left side between both of them was Jesus Christ, and across him was Mary Magdalene. They created a cross shape above the circle in the way they were sitting. Around the circle were many angels, ascended masters, and gods and goddesses that assist our earth in the ascension. Our group all activated our hearts and shot a big beam of light that went to the center through the fire and up through the crystal (with the support of all the beings around) and the beam shot up and around the earth engulfing it. The energy went around in the shape of a toroidal field and through the inside of the earth and back to the circle, like that around and around. There was a fiery energy burning the negativity, dross, density and darkness around the earth coming from the circle. We were all lighting up and burning density all around. It continued for a short time, and then it was over. we all released the beam and then everyone went back into their bodies and lives, the ascended masters continued with their personal missions.

    This was it. I can’t say any more than what I saw in the vision. can’t say anything to validate it or say if it was in my imagination only or if it is symbolic or really happened. What I can say is that it is really powerful, and I hope you feel something from what I shared. 🙂 And in a broader sense it does mean we are all doing a hell of a job. (and Lauren is such a great person and being for making this all happen).

    <3 <3

    • Amazing ! I believe totally in this. …this is why we came for. …thanks Jonathan for this wonderful vision it makes my day ! Much love

    • Hi Yonathan i love this type of energetic work in groups my heart sings for that…thanks for sharing this GREAT vision that occured yes. Love to you

    • Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for sharing something so needed to be heard right now!!!

    • Thanks Yonatan, I connected with this vision ♥

    • Beautiful! Question: The “bi-pyramid” that you saw. Was that a merkabah?

    • Very similar to a vision I had about a decade ago, and oddly I was telling a friend about it on Friday, though I hadn’t spoken of it for years. Thank you Yonatan, this is fascinating.

    • Oh Yonatan, I have just been in the Magdalene chapel here in Glastonbury & called in Mother Mary and then just came home and saw this. Thank you so much!!! I have kept writing about fire energy. I keep feeling it and seeing it and so this feels like a huge confirmation for me. Bless you. I was asking Mother Mary for a sign – some words and you will laugh at this but the song “celebration” by kool & the gang just kept playing in my head!! Oh god, I just have to let go and trust – no matter how much of a knife edge I feel I am walking on! 🙂 Much love and thanks Julie x

      • OMG happy this helped you. Yes interestigly I personally don’t really connect to Magdalene, and never even thought of her as a being who helped me and just saw other people here saying things about her. But in this vision she was right there present.. 🙂

        Thanks for sharing. and yes the fire, the cleansing fire 🙂 😉

        Much Love!!

        • She’s so with us Yonatan. I have really been getting the feeling, that what she and Jesus did over 2,000 years ago – was actually the seeds that were planted for now; this lifetime. That they knew it would take that amount of time – their consciousness could see it. What dedication. Love. Thank you again for sharing. Really helped me. Love Julie

          • Oh I never thought about it that way 🙂 thanks!!!

          • Julie, not long after awakening in this life I would see/hear the word Magdalene. I did not understand, but have since come to the realization that the Magdalene energy/codes are written in the DNA of many of. Yes, I completely agree, what went down/up 2,000 yrs ago was all about now. We are players in that passion play….and I suspect we will write the closing act ….. that is within the spirit of alpha and omega….

            • Do you know Loral, from a little girl I was all about Jesus and I never felt the energy of Magdalene until I moved to Glastonbury 4 years ago. I now know it was about awakening some codes & past life here. Now I really feel them both. Have you read the book ‘I remember Union’? The story of Magdalena? OMG, I swear – it is like you are there! When she is setting up the mission before incarnation – you can feel everything because you identify with it. That everything is about the mission. Your whole life dedicated to it. Just as ours have been. Much love x

              • Julie, your story does not sound so different from mine…… and, I have not read “I remember Union” but I just ordered the physical book form and read the first part on kindle…I can already feel the power of it. I will keep you posted ….. hugs to you.

                • Exciting! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I could not put the book down! I read it in 2 days and it is a thick book but you will see how interesting the type face is set out. There was only a couple of things in her later life that didn’t feel accurate to me but I won’t say what that is – I will let you make up your own mind but I was like soooo on that journey with her. In her way, even with that consciousness – she goes through the same things we do. The times when its low but the mission keeps her going. Its wonderful. I so feel your energy Loral – like I know you. So lovely. x

    • Thanks Yonaton for posting this. Here is some further affirmation for you. A couple days ago as I was meditating I had a visitation by Babaji. I had not thought about Babaji for a long time….years. There was encouragement from him and as I asked for guidance I could see clouds with the sum trying to shine through “keep going, so close…” and the vision of fire. The lower body consciousness needs to be fully transformed, it is the template migration Lauren has spoken of that we are completing, to move through/transform this present portal.

      10 days ago, the song “I can see clearly now the rain has gone……It is going to be a bright bright bright sun shiny day…” was placed in my awareness. It was a very clear and strong message. Since that day I have been extremely aware of the presence of the Masters. Last night it was Buddha….I have also been very aware of the Himalayas in that same span of time. Of note….it has been exceptionally dreary with no sign of sunshine in my part of the world of late. Last night was one of those ‘working in the ethers’ as opposed to ‘sleeping’ nights….Just this morning as I was working, opening…. clearing…opening …clearing….. the sun began to shine above the left side of my head…..it is getting brighter now…bit by bit. It must be the other side of this portal beginning 🙏…..The physical fog outside which has eclipsed all clarity the last few days is beginning to lift this morning….

      …so a resounding “yes” to your vision…it is so.

      • I love that Loral! The fire again. It keeps coming. And the songs! 🙂 x

        • Yes Julie😊…the other thing I did not mention is that I have been obsessed with fire the last week or so. We have a fireplace in our kitchen and even though the weather has been quite mild for this time of year I have had the fire going constantly when at home. I keep hearing that still voice ‘tend to the fire’ which I have been doing non stop on both the physical and energetic levels. I’m exhausted but I can feel the sun breaking through…. Much love to you❤️

          • Me too! I don’t have a fireplace in my home but I keep going to a cafe bar that has one. I love the dance of the flames. It also got me thinking: As far as I can remember, before I was even awake – it has been the fire of passion that made me do things; sometimes things that felt impossible but when that fire was in me – it created a way forward and I have been asking Spirit for all the words I have read about higher-mind, christ consciousness, oneness etc etc – to come to me in a simple formula – that I can truly resonate with, as a simplified feeling. For me, it feels like the passion of my heart – for whatever cause, is what fuels the fire (ignites it like a spark) and it connects with my mind to focus my effort – and all together, this feels like the creative force in both ‘union and motion’. I love to have simple analogies – as I can feel it so much more – than trying to work out the words & then find the feeling. Love Julie x

          • Loral, that is great. I did not say that after the vision walking around my home, I felt a big fire come into my body, like settle in. Weird, I don’t know what this means but maybe it is purifying me on the inside and maybe (judging from all the comments here) we are all being joined with this fire.. 🙂 _/|\_

      • thank you Loral. Yes this is very helpful!! also gives me hope, because I myself am just now coming out of a discombobulation I was in (that I wrote in a post below) since about Saturday!! I love your insights!!! thank you 🙂 <3 <3 yes a deep confirmation. _/|\_ And I love that Babaji came to you! 🙂

        • Wonderful!!! Also, yesterday I had this repeated thought that when a group like this, or any group of ascended/ ascending old souls set intention together the power is beyond what we can comprehend….Not sure why that kept coming up yesterday, so much upheaval beginning…but seems to fit with your vision.

      • Beautiful Loral.
        What part of the world do you live in?

    • Wow Yonatan , your vision is so beautiful and powerful. I really felt it as I was reading it. And it is remarkably similar to the vision I had yesterday as I was setting up a sacred space of peace and love for the Women’s March that was scheduled yesterday in my city (Portland, Oregon, USA). I was stunned by the level of support multidimensionally:). Btw, the organizers were expecting 30,000 people but instead 100,000 came! Above all it was fun, creative, and had a real unity vibe. It was the biggest gathering in the history of our town. Thanks for sharing.

      • Wow that’s amazing Jenny.

        Can you share your vision? 🙂

        • Sure Yonatan, as I started clearing the earth grids under the march site it dawned on me that this was a situation that calling on back up would be helpful. For whatever reasons, I don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of all the beings that are willing and appropriate to help so I just asked for what I term “the legions of the uncompromised in service to the all”. At this point a huge vortex opened over the site. It involved swirling crystalline light mostly in shades of pinks, gold, and white. It seemed that many beings from dimensions “above” were smiling down on us and assisting in aligning the energies to my request of holding a space of remedy and resolution, unconditional love, and unity consciousness for the participants in the march. (With ease and grace, of course 🙂 ). It felt like angels, masters, and other beings I don’t have knowledge of, but none-the-less in powerfully loving service. It wasn’t as “fire-y” as your vision but it felt like many uniting powerfully in service like never before. Also I felt like the energy went out to connect with the entire planet. Honestly, it surprised me as I went into it thinking I was just gonna do a little grid clearing :).

      • Jenny, my daughter-in-law marched in Portland as well. I had no idea the numbers were so high there.

    • Got chills the entire time reading your vision, Yonatan! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us, Brother. This whole thread is just a big bunch of gorgeousness!!!