QUESTions for enLIGHTenment

QUESTions for enLIGHTenment™ is a comprehensive self-study e-course designed to quickly and effectively put you directly in touch with your deeper-level purpose thru the most profound collection of life-altering quest-ions. Quest-ions that evoke new-paradigm thinking and higher dimensional INsights to a common 21st century dilemma: how to live a life of purpose & fulfillment amidst increasing levels of human discord.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determing the proper questions to ask, for once I know the proper questions, I could solve any problem in less than five minutes”. -Albert Einstein

During this tumultuous, yet transformational time on earth, we are nurturing the awakening of a new human consciousness in preparation for our entrance into an entirely new era of co-existence, co-operation & co-creation. Because of this global maturation process, some of us are being called…in one way or another…to awaken to more of our vast potential so that together we can co-create a new earth paradigm based in unity, empowerment and divine love.

This 120 page e-course consists of more than 85 of the most probing quest-ions to help you delve deep beneath the surface and break through to new possibilities and help you to access more of your dormant potential. And in the process of becoming reacquainted with your inner-knowing, you will be effortlessly guided through the four essential phases of soul growth that every human faces along the journey to full truth, the path to purpose and the discovery of your infinite potential.

QUESTions for enLIGHTenment™ will guide you embrace your YOUniqueness and put your passions, purpose & potential into PLAY so that you too can live & love limitlessly as a much-needed example of what is possible!

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