The Scribe

Who Am I?

Lauren Carolyn Gorgo.  Born on the 4th of July. Adopted my own declaration of independence thru the sheer determination to pave my own path.  A prototypical overzealous & strong-willed indigo(esque) who doesn’t quite understand labels, etiquette, impossibility or aging. Saddened by human unconsciousness, moved by human kindness, overwhelmed with both the beauty & tragedy of our world and committed to pioneering change.

prtrtSince 2007-ish, I have loosely defined myself as a conscious creation coach,  intuitive, healer, interdimensional telepath, writer & onlinepreneur. Since 2012, I don’t really know what any of that means.  Luckily, where we’re going, none of it matters.

I love mayo on my fries and peonies in my garden.  I like to create by my own rules, set my own hours, say no when I need to, yes when I want to  and work all day in my pajamas.  I go gonzo for bluegrass and would do nearly anything to make a cat like me.

Why Am I?

My personal ascension/descension journey began during the August eclipse of 1999…the opening of the Galactic Underworld (according to the Mayan Calendar)…when forced on a traumatizing spontaneous self-healing journey.  In 2005 I met my (galactic) Self for the first time in this life.  This site and all my work following that year is the result of that meeting.

In 2006 I slowly began applying my inner/higher/cosmic Self to the outer world while simultaneously undergoing a complete & radical transformation into the real me…the bigger me…the me that I always, and never knew I was.

My Manifesto?

Play with passion, purpose and potential to live limitlessly AS LOVE.